IP CCTV Camera Services

An IP Camera Security System captures an analog image and immediately converts it to digital at the camera itself. The digital video stream is then broadcast over the IP network using Ethernet cable. Each camera is connected to the cable which feeds directly into a network hub. The IP Camera signal is broadcast over the internet much like DVR signal. The difference is that each camera has its own unique IP address.

ip cctv camera services

Who uses IP Camera Security Systems?

IP Camera Security Systems are widely used by large facilities with their own IP network dedicated to the camera system, especially if the cameras will be spread out over a large area or if wireless cameras will be used.Casinos, Law Enforcement, Universities, large Nursing homes, Hospitals, large Office buildings, etc. are many of the ideal candidates for IP Camera Systems due to the additional set up requirements for an IP system.

How do I store images from my IP Cameras?

A high-powered PC with hard drive space is required to store the camera images.

How many IP cameras can I have on one system?

The amount of IP cameras on one system depend on your network's bandwidth. Video uses a lot of bandwidth and many facilities create an entirely separate IP Network to run their camera system. For instance, a megapixel resolution camera offers intense image clarity, however it uses a great deal of bandwidth.The amount of cameras on the system and bandwidth requirement should be determined when considering the hard drive for the PC.

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