Email Verification Services

Stratnext ensures you only send email to real users and helps you separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. Protect your reputation, increase open rates, and save money with us.

Application Development Services

Recipient Authentication

Ensure your users own the email address they provided. Perfect for account sign up, password resets, and anywhere email addresses are captured. Stratnext will guide your users through a one-step confirmation process.

Confirm email address ownership

Prevent mistyped, fake and bulk account signups

Prove opt-in compliance

Email Campaigns

Create amazing email marketing campaigns for you

Email Content

Develop your email content with the goal of making more sales

Target Audience

Keep your audience engaged and interested so you are always fresh in their minds

Increase ROI

Measure the results of each campaign to make sure your ROI is high enough

Promote Business

Ensure your business stands out in the eyes of your customers

Save Time

Automating this strategy to save you time and money.

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